Some people might ask "Why a podcast? How is this different from Ocean Grove Camp Meeting services on their website or on YouTube?"

The answer is, it’s a convenient listening experience. Podcasts have become very popular because they allow people to listen to audio content on their mobile device while exercising or commuting.

If you subscribe, you’ll be notified when each new episode becomes available. New podcast episodes are added regularly.

Check back on this page from time to time. We might add more details and might be launching other podcasts in the future.


The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting "GroveCast" podcast can be found in many places. A few are listed here.


Many podcast apps are available in the App Store or Play Store for popular mobile devices. Just look for “podcast” and you'll find them.


Voice Assistants


  • If you have a Google device (for example, Google Home or Google assistant on your phone), you can ask "hey Google, play the podcast for Ocean Grove"

Amazon Alexa

  • We are looking into making the podcast available on Alexa. Meanwhile, if you have it set up in Spotify or another streaming platform, that can play through Amazon’s Alexa/Echo devices.